Digital Literacy at ISSofBC

These resources are designed to support English language instructors and those working in Settlement, Employment or the community in helping clients overcome digital literacy barriers.

ISSofBC digital literacy materials are made possible through the hard work and contributions of a number of dedicated people at ISSofBC, as well as consultants at University of British Columbia (UBC) Learning Exchange, and partner organizations.

Funding for research and development was received from
-The Government of Canada: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
-The Government of British Columbia: Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness
-Community Living BC

Best Practices

These Best Practices from various ISSofBC digital literacy projects offer important practical suggestions for

-the best approach to teaching foundation digital skills
-the set up and delivery of a stand-alone digital literacy course
-the inclusion of a digital literacy component in existing LINC classes

Providers who want to use ISSofBC digital literacy materials should start by reading these Best Practices first, before accessing the resource materials.


“The topics that were covered gave me the confidence to support others in learning to use the computer. I don’t have to know it all before we start and having the script to teach the sessions is great.”

“The materials are amazing and the thorough steps, script and notes for tutors are extremely helpful. The practice and discussion were valuable and being able to chat in the breakout rooms with other participants was useful. The topics are broken down nicely and I can see it’s a great curriculum that was created with a lot of thought that will benefit so many.”

“I used the needs assessment (Modules 1 to 4) in classes today and the students were very engaged and really liked them. They wanted to do it again tomorrow. Thanks again. The digital literacy materials are a great resource.”

“The teacher’s handbook and the videos were very clear. I viewed the videos first and was able to get all the information I needed from them. The handbook could very well be additional reinforcement for any other teacher who needs extra input.”