Notes on Materials

This section contains Assessor Rubrics for Trainers and Interactive Online Activities for Learners, to help with understanding  learners’ basic digital skills gaps and learning needs. Instructions for use are found in Step 2: Using the Materials, in the Training for Trainers/Instructors section -> Learn on Your Own.

The Diagnostic/Needs Assessment Interactive Activities do NOT include an online interactive activity for the digital skills in Module 6: Mobile Phones. Assess learner skills for this Module one-on-one using the following 3 items:

  •  the learner’s own mobile phone
  •  the DNA Rubric Module 6: Mobile Phones – Script and Instructions
  •  the DNA Rubric Module 6: Mobile Phones

It is possible to assess the digital literacy skills for Module 6: Mobile Phones without assessing the digital literacy skills for the other modules.

Tools for Trainers

Diagnostic/Needs Assessment – Instructions
Diagnostic/Needs Assessment – Rubrics
Diagnostic/Needs Assessment – Self Assessment

Interactive Activities for Learners